WC 2.2 order statuses: plugin compatibility

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Orders can have several statuses in WooCommerce; completed, processing, on-hold, pending to name a few.

In WooCommerce 2.1, statuses were associated with orders via a taxonomy called shop_order_status. The shop_order_status taxonomy is no more in 2.2.

Instead, 2.2 uses post_status for the order status. In terms of usage, this makes more sense – regular post statuses are of little use for orders (since when did you have a non-published order?). For performance, using post status has several benefits, particulary to queries and reporting which can now contain less table joins.

How does this affect developers? If you query shop_order posts via a get_posts() function, or DB query, you will need to modify your code to fully support 2.2. Otherwise you’ll either get a notice, or no results.

If you are calling get_posts() for the shop_order post type

Here is an example of a 2.1 order query:

$orders = get_posts( array(…

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