Magento Tutorials

Magento. Display new products on the home page

This tutorial will show you how to add the new products block to the home page. All modifications would be done in Magento admin panel. Open the admin panel, go to CMS> Pages>Home page.

(1) When you are in CMS> Pages>Home page, switch to the Content tab.

(2) In the Widget type select box choose Catalog New Products List.
(3) Then you can select the number of the displayed products and the product listing template.
(4) When you are done click Insert Widget button.
(5) Click Save button at the top after the page customization is complete.


One thought on “Magento Tutorials

  1. Hello

    Can u please tell me , how to add active class to magento , if we have a static menu on the top .. I just want that one somebody clicks on the particular link , that page is highlighted with the menu color.

    I can explain more .. if it is not clear

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